The Department of Environment and Science is committed to a vision that Queenslanders are enriched and connected through healthy parks and active lifestyles.

The department’s key priorities are to:

  • Protect and manage our parks, forests and the Great Barrier Reef for current and future generations.
  • Support and encourage active participation in physical activity.
  • Support the Queensland racing industry.

Our responsibilities include:

  • National parks—we manage our parks and forests in a way that sustains natural and cultural values, builds environmental resilience to ensure healthy species and ecosystems and facilitates ecotourism, recreation and heritage experiences. We do this by:
    • conserving natural and cultural values on parks and forests including through fire, pest and weed management
    • facilitating ecotourism, recreation and heritage experiences within parks and forests, including building and maintaining visitor and tourism infrastructure
    • providing protected area services with traditional owners and Indigenous communities, including the implementation of Indigenous joint management plans and agreements
    • managing parks and forests permissions, including administering permits and authorities for tourism, infrastructure and sustainable resource use, and delivering a streamlined permit system
    • delivering field management in the Great Barrier Reef in partnership with the Australian Government.
  • Sport and recreation—we aim to ensure that Queenslanders lead active and healthy lifestyles through participation in physical activity. We do this by:
    • developing and delivering a suite of funding programs to support community support and recreation needs
    • providing education and training programs that contribute to building the capacity of the sport and recreation sector
    • providing resources for parents and teachers aimed at encouraging all Queenslanders, particularly young people, to be more physically active
    • managing purpose-built sport and active recreation facilities, including the Queensland Recreation Centres
    • developing elite athletes at the Queensland Academy of Sport.
  • Racing—we administer legislation related to the racing industry and manage programs to support Queensland racing. We do this by:
    • providing policy advice to government on racing matters
    • administering programs related to the provision of Queensland Government funding to the racing industry 

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